About Us

Accord Technical Recruitment provides a specialty recruitment service, sourcing candidates across the engineering, scientific and technical manufacturing sectors.

Director Amanda Maclaren sowed the seeds for Accord twenty years ago as the owner of a successful confectionery factory.

Even then, hiring the right person for the job was no mean feat. She found out the hard way that specialist roles simply can’t be filled effectively by a generalist agency. Finding an engineer, QA expert, or production manager sometimes felt like an impossible task.

After kissing a lot of frogs in the quest for her own staff, and having worked alongside some of the largest manufacturing brands in the world, Accord Technical Recruitment was born.

We’ve developed lasting relationships with the best technical talent in the business and they trust us to take them to the next step in their journey.

Likewise, our clients trust us to find the needle in the haystack that will make their business the best it can be.

So if you’re committed to your business or career and would like to work with a recruiter that’s got your back and understands what’s important to you, get in touch for a confidential chat and find out how Accord takes care of business.

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