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New Zealand’s food and beverage manufacturing sector is made up of almost 2,000 companies, employing 80,000 people, with revenue of NZ$38 billion. It accounts for 54% of all exports.

Four of the top five New Zealand food and beverage firms are owned by farmers.

The government aims to triple New Zealand’s food and beverage exports over the next 15 years.

Companies that deal in primary produce employ 65% of all those employed in food and beverage companies – that’s around 52,052 people.

While those who work for firms that produce farm-based products are spread all over New Zealand, those who work in processed food and drink manufacturing are far more likely to be based in Auckland with nearly half of all workers finding their work there.

By 2009, food and beverage manufacturing turnover was $37.7 billion.

Manufacturing turnover has been growing at 6.5% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) for the last decade.

Despite fears that New Zealand business is dominated by the Chinese, the top 64 food and beverage companies turnover is owned by New Zealanders, with 0% owned by the Chinese!

Fonterra makes up 40% of New Zealand’s top 64 food and beverage firms’ turnover.

The distance between the Top 10 domestic resident food and beverage firms in New Zealand is vast - #1 Fonterra has turnover of $16 billion; #10 MG Marketing has turnover of just $333 million.

In most western countries there is a gradual curve from largest to smallest food and beverage manufacturers. In New Zealand, there is Fonterra, with turnover of $16 billion. The next largest only has turnover of $2 billion.

Kiwi consumers spend $22.5 billion on New Zealand food and beverage each year. Overseas consumers spend around $200 billion on New Zealand food and beverage each year!

Food and beverages makes up 54% of New Zealand’s total export value.

New Zealand exports four times as much food as Japan.

The largest area of food and beverage export growth is in processed food.

Compared to similar countries, New Zealand sells a higher proportion of dairy and meat products compared to processed foods.

New Zealand food and beverage exports to Asia are worth a third more than Europe, Russia and North America combined.

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